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Bandicam is easy to use software that can easily capture audio and video directly from your PC. There is a free trial version of the software to test it features before buying the license version of the software. The software is ideal for recording the gaming videos without missing a single frame. The recording ability of the software is up to 120 frames per second and there is support for the GPU acceleration that can also boost the process of video and audio recording at some low configuration device as well. There is ability of the software to record and edit videos at high quality. Bandicam can also record screen and the webcam at the same time. Bandicam Crack with serial number free download from below download link. There is also a handy video editor included in the software as a part of software so that you can perform basic editing, add subtitles, annotations, text, callouts and more objects in the edited video or audio.

Modes of Bandicam

There are three different types of modes of Bandicam the Gaming Record Mode, Screen Record Mode and also Device Recording Mode of the software. The gaming record mode let you record the game play without any lapse according to your desired frames per second. There is also Screen Recording Mode of the software that helps you in recording the screen of your computer. The device mode of the software let you record external video devices according to your own requirement. The gaming mode records various 2D and 3D games, iTunes, Windows, Media Player, Web Cam, HDTV and also other kinds of 3D applications. The Screen Recording Mode helps in recording the computer screen, power pint, Excel, Web Browser included Internet Explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox and others. Device recording mode supports various devices such as Webcam, Play Station, Xbox, Smart Phones, IPTV, Capture Card and many other devices.

Performance of Bandicam Latest Version

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Bandicam is very well at the performance range as it consumes very little of your resources such as there is a very low usage of CPU and memory by the software. The software fully supports different kinds of hardware such as H.264 encoder of Nvidia, Intel Quick Sync Video, and also AMD Application so that you can record the screen and other devices at a high speed. The resolution supported by the software is 3840×2160 which high quality resolution is. The number of frames per second of the recording is displayed at the side of the screen. You can also record the You Tube content from the internet directly without converting the recorded file in smaller sized or in the compressed size so that resolution of the file is not lost. You may also like :-

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Ease of Use

Bandicam is one of the easiest software to use with neat and clean interface that let you toggle from one mode to the other with ease and efficiency. There is ability in the software to compress the file in the smaller size but still maintains the quality of the file. The Screen Recording mode of the software is dynamic which helps to customize your output according to your own requirements by selecting the frames per second of the software.

System Requirements

The system requirements of Bandicam are very low where it supports the 32 bit version as well as the 64 bit version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Minimum RAM requirement is 512 MB or more and processor required by the software is Intel Pentium 4.13 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500 plus. The software has Hard disk drive requirement for Bandicam is1 GB or more with 800×600 bit color card.

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